Custom Orders

Here at Voliere we strive to not only bring you the very best in customer service but also to give you the best selection of fragrances.

With over 300 scents available we offer custom orders as its just not possible for us to have everything made up in every scent.

If there is something you are after that is not available at the moment you are able to purchase it as a custom order, as these are not our current range however there is a minimum order in the melts of 5 of the one scent in Soy Melts and no minimum in candles.

Have a look thru our extensive range of soy melts to see our range of fragrances.

We also offer custom labels, these are great to commemorate a special event such as a wedding or birth of a new baby, special birthdays etc, remember a loved one who may no longer be with us, or to celebrate a special occasion.

There is a small fee to print up and design the custom labels so please use the contact us form to discuss your needs

We also specialise in


  • Bulk Orders
  • Wedding Bonbonierre and table placings
  • Retail Orders
  • Wholesale orders

Please use the contact form to discuss with us your needs and find out more about this.